Wolfmann’s South Shields Review


This week I FINALLY got round to checking out Wolfmann’s eating house in South Shields. I’ve been meaning to try this place for ages but never seemed to get round to it, until now.

Unfortunately, my camera was playing up, so you’ll have to forgive the iPhone photos! ?

The restaurant is located in Chichester, opposite the metro station and could quite easily be missed without knowing it’s there.

The small restaurant offers an incredibly relaxed atmosphere and a killer playlist. We booked a table which turned out to be an absolute must.

There are about 6 tables in total so really…you have to book. At least 2 couples came in asking if there was a chance of getting a table, which there wasn’t, however they were offered seats at the bar.

The restaurant was so warm and welcoming on the cold evening. As they don’t have an alcohol license they allow customers to ‘bring your own booze’ which we didn’t take advantage of with a sober run up to the Christmas mayhem!

Their menu is fairly small but if you’re a fan of incredible Asian inspired dishes then you have nothing to worry about. I believe it changes from week to week, with some specials on a board above the bar. Here’s this week’s menu and a previous weekend’s menu to show what you can expect. You can find the previous menus on their Facebook page.

Previous menu as an example

The team were so friendly and made us feel right at home. We were offered drinks straight away and quickly had an idea of what we were going to order (Even though I wanted to try everything!).

I decided to try the salt and pepper squid salad, with the Korean pork spring roll as a side. My wife went for the roast belly pork with a side of salt and chilli fries. Service was mega quick and our food was with us within 15 minutes.

The Korean pork spring roll was way more substantial than expected. It was packed as tight as possible with deliciously seasoned pork and has a wonderfully crispy wrapping. The sticky dipping sauce was a great accompaniment too.

The salt and pepper squid salad was sublime, to say the least. The lightly coated squid was seasoned and cooked to perfection. The salad itself had spring onions, coriander, white cabbage, beetroot, some form of vinigar, red pepper, sesame and Kalonji seeds, and lime. The ingredients were super fresh and combined to make a fantastic salad.

This was the perfect dish for me and the portion was very generous. I may have eaten myself out of a desert, but I couldn’t pass up trying the spring roll!

The wife’s belly pork was extremely succulent with irresistible crackling on top. I’m not sure how they managed to get the pork this nice with the small number of tables, but this was insanely nice. The chorizo mash was also delicious and something I’m going to be trying at home soon!

The Verdict

The total cost of our meal, with two colas each, came to £37 and worth every penny! This small, friendly venue if easily one of the best places I’ve eaten in Shields and lives up to everything I’ve heard about it.

I’m eager to get back and try out their lunchtime selection and their line up of baked goods. I think this casual eatery is something everyone in the town should try at least once and exactly the kind of place I love. The exceptional food, relaxed atmosphere and unique menu are something our town is in dire need of. I think this place may be my new obsession!




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