Top places to stock up on condiments


The North- East has a whole host of interesting and independent retailers. If you’re looking to stock up on unique artisan food and drink such as our condiments, there is more than one place to do this. Check out the The Sweet Beet’s list of top five places to shop for your local goodies.


1. Fenwick’s Food Hall

The most obvious choice to find your favourite North East food companies’ products is going to be Fenwick’s. As an important part of Newcastle’s culture, situated on Northumberland street, Fenwick’s has a diverse range of fine local food. From unique condiments such as ours to freshly sourced local ingredients, Fenwick’s is the perfect spot for the independent shopper.


2. MMM…Glug

Its been six years for mmm…glug. In that six years they have established their store as one of the best places to stock up on local produce. This shop is great for local beers and a variety of other produce that has been made with the care and passion of the North East.


3. The Honey Tree

If you’re looking for something organic and healthy, The Honey Tree is the perfect place to find this. Although a little outside of the city centre in Newcastle, The Honey Tree puts local, quality and organic food back on the map in Newcastle.


4. Independent Food and Drink

If you’re closer to the coast, Seahouses offers local produce at Independent Food and Drink. They pride themselves on working with local producers and wholesalers. If you’re close to Seahouses, pop over to their store to find a taste of the Beet.


5. Grainger Market

It’s been part of Newcastle’s producing culture for decades and it still continues to be a source of high quality, low priced local produce.

The Sweet Beet are condiment company based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. As a local producer of five high quality condiments, The Sweet Beet aim to grow into one of the top producers in the North East. Armed with Geordie pride, the team at The Sweet Beet are aiming to go global and showcase the amazing food and drink culture that the North East has to offer.


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