Top 5 Geordie Foods!


5- Chicken Parmo

Our Recipe

chicken parmo

From the land that brought us Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown…and…erm…presumably some other stuff too, is the Chicken Parmo.

A breaded slab of chicken, layered with white béchamel sauce and cheese. This takeaway treat is iconic to Teeside and will sort you out after a heavy night on the drink. I find the best trick is not to look at it while you eat it.

4- Pan Haggerty

Our Recipe

Pan Haggerty

Nothing quite made going home at school lunchtime like a huge portion of Pan Haggerty. I know everyone seems to have a different take on this dish, but for the best part, it’s layers of potatoes, melted cheese and sliced onions.

The crispy potato edges (Like in the picture above) were the highlight of the dish for me and on a winters day, there was nothing more warming and filling than this dish.

3- Stotties

Our Stottie Recipe


What can I say about the Stottie, other than if it replaced bread all together, that would be fine with me! This heavy loaf makes for an awesome sarnie and a killer breakfast bap.

The North East has a strong emotional relationship with the Stottie, which has been a local legend throughout the generations. You’re likely to struggle to find it outside the region, so if you’re venturing down South, be sure to stock up before you go.

2-  Pease Pudding

Pease Pudding Recipe

pease pudding

If this picture doesn’t get your juices flowing then you’re no friend of mine! Pease pudding is as much a part of the North East as any dish and its best served on a Stottie with butter and thick-cut ham.

I have quite a few family members across the UK and we end up taking pease pudding every time we visit as they enjoy it so much! Even the kind woman who submitted the mouth water picture has to make her own as they only sell it tinned where she comes from…heathens.

1 – Saveloy dipssaveloy dip

So the Saveloy dip is basically one of the regions biggest pick me ups. This local sarnie is an explosion of flavour and my all-time favourite local treat.

Start off with a soft white bun covered in butter and peas pudding, add a saveloy or two (beech smoked sausages that are to die for) cut in half, launch some mustard on and add the sage and onion stuffing. Finally, finish that bad boy off by dipping the whole shebang in gravy.

I kid you not, for £15 you can actually buy a Saveloy kit from Dickson’s Butchers and that’s exactly what I intend to do!



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