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This week we were invited to review Tapas Revolution in Newcastle, one of the latest offerings in the wave of chain restaurants taking Eldon Square by storm.

Restaurant exterior

It is the 6th restaurant in the Tapas Revolution chain, all of which serve an excellent selection of Spanish Tapas, with a focus on sharing and variety. Like the restaurant’s founder, Omar Allibhoy says:

“Food, like life, is best shared with friends and loved ones, and tapas are the embodiment of sharing. Eating from the same plate enhances conversations and brings us all closer. I have cooked these dishes hundreds, if not thousands, of times in search of the perfect result. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!”

The establishment offers a stylish setting with a bright, well-lit bar area at one end, a more mellow eating area inside and some tables overlooking Eldon Square.

Restaurant interior

As you can see, the Spanish theme runs from floor to ceiling, with imitation Spanish meats, signs and even furniture covering the walls.

interior 2

The menu  (click here to see the full menu) is split into different categories such as Fish, vegetable, seafood, etc. There’s also set menus for 2 and paella options, so if you’re a lover of Spanish cuisine, there’s something for everyone.

Tapas Revolution Eldon Square Menu

There’s also a substantial drinks menu, with Spanish cocktails, wines, Gin Tonics, Sangrias and much more! Click here to see the full drinks menu.

Tapas Revolution Cocktail Menu


The Scran

We were greeted by the friendly team and shown to our seats near the Eldon Square entrance. Being mid-day on a Tuesday, we decided to sidestep the fantastic selection of cocktails and opt for some delicious homemade lemonade, with a touch of saffron.

It’s freshly prepared and is refreshing stuff, so if you’re not in an alco mood, this is a fantastic choice.

home made lemonade

Given there was two of us and the restaurant’s enthusiasm for sharing, we decided to order 6 of the tapas dishes to share, selecting dishes from the different categories to experience a mix of what’s on offer.

We were informed that the food is served in the traditional Spanish way, which is the food comes out as and when it’s ready. We were given the option to get it all at once but decided to get it as it came.

spanish ham ciabatta

We kicked off with Pan de la casa (£4.25 toasted bread & tomato, topped with garlic sauce and serrano ham). We both enjoyed this dish, agreeing that the quality ham made the went well with the crisp bread and toppings.

This came out the same time as the Ensalada de tomate con queso de cabra (£4.95 red and yellow tomatoes, goat’s cheese, olives and red onion salad). This fresh Spanish salad is a great accompaniment to the Tapas dishes, cutting through the spice with fresh olives and juicy tomatoes.

spanish salad


Torreznos con mojo dulce

Next was the Torreznos con mojo dulce (£5.75 crispy pork belly with sweet and spicy sauce). This stuff was something special! The pork was crisped off to perfection and the spicy sauce complimented the meat. It’s got a little heat to it, as a bit of a spice wimp I can assure it’s certainly not too much.

alitas de poll

Tapas number four was Alitas de pollo a la miel y limón (£5.50 marinated crispy chicken wings with lemon and honey dressing). These wings were delicious, with the sweet, thick dressing being one for my future poker nights.

I think at £5.50 the dish was a little pricey, given wings aren’t exactly the most expensive meat around. So even though they were delicious, as they’re the same price as the belly pork (which was crazy nice) they’re probably not one I would go for again.

Jamón serrano del Consorcio

We were going to try the Jamón serrano del Consorcio (18-month dry-aged ham), but we were highly recommended the Jamón Ibérico de bellota Montenevado (£9.50 dry-aged 24+ month, acorn-fed Iberian ham, hand carved to order). Not being one to turn down insider knowledge, we decided to go for the 24-month ham.

This ham was outstanding, with a fantastic subtle earthy undertone. Quality doesn’t come much higher than this ham, with strict rules as to what qualifies for this official title. The price is one of the highest amongst the tapas dishes, but this one’s a no-brainer and well worth trying.

Gambas al ajillo

Finally, we tried the Gambas al ajillo (£7.95 tiger prawns with garlic and chili oil cooked in a terracotta dish). Again these were one of the more expensive individual dishes, but well worth the money.

The prawns are packed full of flavour, with the chili and garlic oil complementing the taste of the prawns as opposed to overpowering it. Some crusty bread or rice would have gone with this dish well but was still a fantastic dish.

Tapas revolution mixed dishes

The Conclusion


Overall I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Tapas Revolution, with the excellent staff and fantastic variety of dishes offering up a great experience.

Between the two of us, our meal would have cost around £45, which is probably more than I would usually spend, however, the quality of the dishes, mix of flavours and delightful atmosphere are all the reasons you need to check out this fantastic restaurant.


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