Pie and Bottle Shop North Shields Review

  • The Pie and Bottle Shop is found on West Percy Street, North Shields
  • Serving up an amazing selection of Geordie pies
  • Double award winners in 2018!

One of my good friends (and fellow pie lover ?) has just moved into a flat on the North Shield’s quayside. Having spent many a time in Redhouse in Newcastle, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to check out The Pie and Bottle Shop in North Shields.

These guys have cleaned up in terms of awards in 2018, so needless to say I’ve been pretty excited to visit here!

The Venue

The shop is a two-minute walk from the North Shield’s town center and pretty easy to spot, with the two trees planted in a halved beer keg!

It’s exactly the kind of venue I’ve seen appear more and more in 2018. Small restaurants/cafes that have a limited menu and focus entirely on knocking everything they serve out the park. Long may the trend continue through 2019!

There are about 5 tables inside the cozy building and it’s wall to wall Geordie merch. From the retro signs to the canny hand-drawn signs, it’s 100% Northern. There are even books about Newcastle and board games to enjoy while you wait.

the pie shop interior

Their selection of craft beers was pretty impressive too, but given it was half 1 in the afternoon, I opted for my second fix, black coffee!

The food menu is a pick and mix of options. Basically, depending on how hungry you are, you have a choice of pies, mash, sides, and gravy.

Being a pair of hardened pie eaters, we opted for the mammoth Pie Tea, which set us back £15 each. In our opinion as pie eating veterans, it’s pretty reasonable.

The pie shop north shields menu

The Scran

As soon as we arrived, the super friendly team showed us to the table they’d reserved. We had to book 24hrs in advance for the pie tea, so the service couldn’t have been quicker!

We were given a choice of soft drinks and hot drinks which were free refills during the visit.

I have to admit, after seeing the epic Facebook pics, I was worried it might come out thrown on a selection of plates like some places do…I…Was…Wrong!

To start was two thick slices of gammon, with a selection of Pease Puddings from Pete’s Pudding. If you haven’t tried these before you really have to, they’re incredible! You can usually catch them at the Tynemouth or Newcastle Quayside markets, so check them out on social.

There were three types for us to try ranging from light to dark including, gammon & leek, brown ale, and marmite. This proper geordie treat was a great way to kick off and it was great to try some new takes on the local classic.

Ham and pease pudding starter

Next up was the piece de resistance…the pie tea. The platter came with a mix of almost all of the mash, sides and gravy from the main menu. On the line-up was:

  • Mince pie
  • Steak pie
  • Pork pie
  • Mushy peas
  • Minted pease
  • Baked beans
  • Mash
  • Cheesy mash
  • Mustard and chilli mash
  • Onion gravy
  • Beef gravy

pie and bottle shop pie tea

This was an amazing selection and everything was spot on. Given the freezing weather outside there couldn’t have been a better way to spend a Friday.

This crisp pastries and rich fillings were to die for and even the gravy was a step above. Not to mention it was the way every geordie likes it, thick enough so even light can’t penetrate it!

The mustard and chilli mash was a total game charger too! It was packed full of flavour and definitely something that’ll be joining my future Sunday dinners.

There was more than enough for the two of us and by the time we’d cleared up the main we’d forgotten that there was dessert to follow too!

On the dessert platter, there was sweet sticky toffee pudding, apple pie & clotted cream scone served with jugs of custard or cream. I only had enough space left to eat the sticky toffee pudding and it was amazing!

We got the deserts we couldn’t manage boxed up to go. Lucky this was an option as there was more than enough for both of us!

The Verdict

For £15pp the pie tea was a total winner. I need to get back and try the rest of the pies on offer and with pie dinner boxes from £5, it’s not hard to see why there were people coming and going the entire time we were there.

The small, cosy diner is one of the cosiest places you can find on a cold day, and the simple, honest food is exactly what Northern food is all about. I’ll without a doubt be back next time I’m visiting North Shields!



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