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I’m probably a little bias towards Man vs Food Grill House in South Shields, because for years prior to it opening, I drove past the vacant building every other day saying “If I had the money I would turn that into a big American steak house with huge grills, like a proper American diner”… Well someone else had exactly the same thought as they’ve only gone and done it!

The Venue:

I’ve visited Man vs Food about four times now and needless to say, there’s a reason I keep going back. The restaurant did take a little time to find it’s feet with a few problems, to begin with, but I’ll be damned if the staff didn’t go above and beyond every time something went a bit wrong.

Man Vs Food South Shields

The restaurant is located in Tyne Dock, South Shields and although the car park is certainly on the small side, there is more than adequate on-street parking in the immediate area.

As soon as you walk in you can see the effort that has gone into the establishment. From the stylish waiting area to the solid wood decor, you know someone’s heart and soul has gone into making this place exactly what it should be.


It’s kitted out just like a proper American diner with big family size booths, each with a selection of tabletop sauces to boot. It’s everything you would expect from a burger bar!


The Scran:

As I began, the restaurant did have some teething problems, so I figured it would be best to write a review of my latest trip to give a fair run down of the place.

menuI went on a Thursday evening with my lass; after booking a table for 7:30 pm. Seriously, book a table, it’s almost always busy (a good sign if there ever was one). We were shown to our seats by a friendly waitress who gave us our menus and explained that when we were ready to place our order, to do so at the front counter.

I opted for ‘The Juicy Lucy Burger‘ (£12.95). This came with a choice of two sides which for me were sweet potato fries and ‘onion crispies’ (basically fried onions). I figured it was only polite to accompany this with a 1-litre stein of Blue Moon Lager so did just that!

The food was in front of us within no less than 15 minutes, which could take longer on a busy weekend. Regardless the food was prompt as hell, straight off the grill to our table.


Juicy Lucy Burger Man vs Food

For me, the burger was cooked to absolute perfection. Crispy and blackened on the outside while succulent and juicy (lucy?) on the inside. This was in part due to the melted cheese and onion centre which made the burger something else.

The best thing about it overall had to be the standard of the burger. The meat was great quality, really fresh and wasn’t the usual brown paste a lot of burgers have seemed to become in recent years; it had actual texture!

As well as the fantastic burger; the side dishes were not to be ignored either. The sweet potato fries were served super hot and full of flavour. I’m a big fan of these as I think they are a much nicer accompaniment than most fries which usually taste of oil or salt.

sweet potato fries

onion rings white bait

The Verdict:


Cleanliness: 10/10
Staff: 10/10
Location: 9/10 (Small car park but has on street)


Price: 8/10 (Really well priced in my opinion)
Service: 10/10
Quality: 9/10


Visit their website:

Read their menu:



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