Gourmet Burger Kitchen Review


My never-ending quest to find the perfect burger brought me to the doors of the Gourmet Burger Kitchen at the Metro Centre in Gateshead. Surprisingly one of the few burger joints that had so far slipped through the net.

The restaurant itself is an extremely stylish open plan setting with funky filament light bulbs, bare brick walls and ample seating. It’s very accommodating for families, with a few eating there during our visit.

The menu is pretty straight forward starting at a classic 4oz beef burger for £5.25 moving up to the special burgers hovering around the £11 mark.

I opted for the GBK Cheese and Bacon burger (£9.45), a portion of sweet potato fries with ‘baconaise’ (£3.95) and of course a can of BREWDOG PUNK IPA  (£4.25)…the perfect accompaniment to any meat-based treat.

When ordering you’re asked how you would like your burger cooked which was the first sign this was something really special. I went for medium rare and in total spent £17.65 which may seem steep for a burger but holy sh*t was it worth it!

cheese and bacon burger

It’s no exaggeration to say that this is literally the best burger I’ve had in the North East of England to date. The burger was cooked to absolute perfection, seared on the outside, pink on the inside with the perfect balance of dressings; meaning the taste of the meat wasn’t lost beneath ladles of sauce like elsewhere.

In all, if you go to the Gourmet Burger Kitchen and you want a special burger, drink and side, you can expect to pay around £20, with smaller lunch offers closer to £10.

There are currently some discount vouchers available at: http://www.vouchercodes.co.uk/gbkinfo.com which I intend to use in the next few days, so will update this section with what you can expect from them! Also according to their Twitter feed:


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