Delhi 6

Dear Valued Customers

We will be giving 5 free meals tonight to elderly folk in self isolation throughout South Shields. We would appreciate if we could do these takeaways during 5pm to 6pm.

We ask elderly folk to phone us up and place your order. You can either ask for a relative to come and pick your order up or we can deliver this. Please call us on 07477600019 or 0191 4479962 (you can call us now) to place your order. (starter, main course and rice.)

Lastly it is testing times now for the restaurant industry and indeed for us all, we do appreciate many customers will not be coming over the next few months, we hope you stay safe. We will be introducing a delivery service very soon. Try to support us wherever you can, we are a small business which employs 13 local staff…but we will continue to support our community.

Thank you

Shah Lalon Amin
Delhi 6

150 Ocean Rd, South Shields