Bizarre Burger Combos: Best and Worst 


4 Bizarre Burger Combos: Best and Worst 

A new epidemic of gram-worthy burgers is encouraging people to swap patties for flatties and stack burgers far beyond the limits of even those blessed with inordinately large, snake-like jaw capabilities; and whilst this might encourage a cluster of seemingly innovative chefs to create more marketable, wacky burger creations, it’s fair to say they often get it wrong. Let’s take a look at the 4 best and worst burger combinations- as encountered by The Burger Baron.

The 4 worst burger combinations

1. Straight from the tub Peanut butter

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Peanut butter has certainly been on the rise in recent years- stealthily making its way into a plethora of burger bistros visited by The Burger Baron. Essentially, the sweet crunch of the peanuts can actually enhance the flavour and texture dynamics of a dish, but without liquidising the butter into more of a peanut butter sauce, it sticks to your mouth as a thick, dry paste- which is really unpleasant. Peanut butter sauce, yes! Peanut butter, no!

2. Crisps- Monster munch

I am yet to fully immerse myself in the world of crispy combinations, but its safe to say I have no intention of doing so currently. Pickled onion Monster Munch was the first of The Burger Baron’s short-lived experiences with crisps in burgers, and it tasted absolutely disgusting. I don’t enjoy the taste of moistened, gritty specks of crisp- agitating in both taste and texture- destroying the essence of a tasty burger.

3. Bun-smothering toppings…The “Pizza burger”

Figure 2: Image courtesy of The Burger Baron Blog

Granted, this is a rare and unfortunate encounter, however this is by far the most infuriating of the bizarre combinations discussed. For a start, leave the top of my soft and squidgy, bodacious bun alone! I have no intention of eating my burger with a knife and fork, much like skin-on fries I enjoy the exterior of a good bun, and I certainly don’t want molten cheese glued to my fingers at the end of my lunch. Secondly, the idiot that figured a slice of Dairy Lea and 4 segments of chorizo remotely represented the taste of a pizza, was wrong…please never attempt to make a pizza burger like this.

4. Sweets

Somewhat of a polarising area of burger discussion, it’s fair to say I share the opinion that sweets should stay well and truly out of my burger. Wham bars are sour and chewy, both elements of which are extremely off-putting in any sort of sandwich or burger. “Would I order it?” No and neither should you!

The 5 best burger combinations

  1. Pineapple

Much like the age-old debate of pineapple on pizza, some people love it and some people hate it- personally, yep, you guessed it…I love it! The sweet, juicy nature of a pineapple slice helps enhance the meat and offers the satisfying nature of something flavour-packed bursting onto your taste-buds. Delicious!

2. Rocket

Most people are under the impression that lettuce is a fundamental element of a burger that just shouldn’t be removed, and you know what, I agree- but nobody said anything about exchanging it. Rocket rids you off those unpalatable water pockets from the stem of lettuce, and offers you a great earthy, peppery flavour enhancement. It might not suite every burger, but for less of a crunch and more of a punch, rocket is where it’s at!

3. Chilli Jam

A surprisingly understated topping built to enhance any good burger; chilli jam offers an element of savoury sweetness to really broadens the spectrum of flavour. Chilli jam can save an under-seasoned burger and hugely enhance something more complex- it also pairs incredibly well with a good tangy cheese!

4. Goats Cheese

A recent curiosity had The Baron switching up cheese toppings and ultimately trialling a goat’s cheese burger. Not only did this cheese provide a thick layer of waxy goo, but the sharpness held its own against some very powerful caramelised onions. This is a great topping to help counter and enhance other strong flavours- goat’s cheese on a plain hamburger might just ruin it. 

If you share any of my views on these bizarre burger toppings, then let us know or bring something new to the table in the comments below!

Signing off… The Burger Baron


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