Best Kitchen Gadgets 2018

best kitchen gadgets 2018 uk

Do you love kitchen gadgets? Can’t help but imagine how much easier life would be with each one you see? Bemused how you’ve survived this long without an automated egg peeler that’s on Prime sale for one day only!? Yep me too…

To say my kitchen is bursting with gadgets might be the understatement of a lifetime. Just about every cupboard is packed from top to bottom with cookware, gadgets and utensils galore. Some of them only see the light of day once a year and others barely get any cupboard time.

So to save you the hundreds of pounds I’ve spent, deciding which are worthy, I’ve compiled a list of the most useful cooking gadgets I’ve found in 2018!

Where possible I’ll drop in pictures of my gadgets in use to show North East Food isn’t a phoney baloney. North East Food’s your buddy, come on in friend, take a seat ūüôā

[To be clear, there are NO affiliate links in this article. If I wanted to earn 20p for every product someone bought I would sell pick and mix.]


Cost: £106

Although not in use every day, my mixer is pretty invaluable when I do use it. Whether the wife is using it to make cupcakes or I’m knocking together pizza dough, it takes a fraction of the time.

It’s certainly pushed me to try¬†making different recipes, including tortillas and focaccia. It means you can quickly try different combinations and ingredients, without the worry of spending countless hours mixing again, should it all go awry.


Cost: £155

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels…apparently. So it’s pretty appealing for most that this air fryer can crisp up food with as little as 1 teaspoon of oil. I’ve put mine through its paces and can confirm it’s pretty amazing.

Sure, nothing will match that delicious, golden crunch of freshly deep fried food. However, for an imitation that won’t turn your arteries¬†into concrete, it’s pretty sweet. So whether you’re on a health kick, or just want to cook up some frozen food quicker than in your oven, these really are worth the money.

air frier 2home made fries


Cost: £40

The reason the meat thermometer fell a little lower on usefulness, is simply because it doesn’t get as much use. But don’t mistake this for being useless. This handy thermometer links up to a phone app that lets you monitor four individual temperature readings. This means you can cook the perfect meat every time.

Whether you’re trying to get your steak pink in the middle¬†or ensure your pork pulls apart like a dream, this bit of kit will get you there. I use mine for smoked meats, which everyone knows have to be cooked low and slow and fall apart in your mouth. I used this exact thermometer the other week to cook the best brisket of my life…trust me, it works a treat.





Cost: £29.99

So some might people question why a skillet is on a top kitchen gadget list…but we don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives.

This is literally one of the most versatile, hard-working piece of equipment I have in my kitchen. From one pot dishes to the only way to cook a steak, a skillet should have a place in everyone’s¬†kitchen and heart <3

If you look after your skillet correctly it will last a lifetime and you can cook just about anything in it. Cooking on a BBQ, baking, frying, saut√©ing, stewing…nothing’s¬†too much. Because they’re made entirely of metal, you can even use them inside the oven, leaving nothing out of reach. Even skillet pizza¬†FML!

Nothing crisps up a steak quite like a skillet



Cost: £90
Off the f**king scale

Before buying this bit of kit, I was starting to believe that money can’t buy happiness. That all changed when I unlocked the ability to cook every meal under the sun with one gadget.

This grill/griddle has a double-sided cooking surface, one flat side and one contoured side, meaning you can cook just about anything on it. Breakfast: Bacon, eggs and pancakes Dinner: burgers, toasted sandwiches and steak Tea: Kebabs, grilled veg and stuffed mushrooms. It can just about anything and by pressing it down, you get an amazing sear on your food.


Nothing beats going to Lidl and stocking up on fresh bread and a selection of cheese and meats, to try out new toasty combinations at the end of a long day. Honestly, this is just without a doubt the best gadget I’ve bought!




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