5 Points That’ll Make or Break Afternoon Tea


This week we caught up with Anne, the owner of North East’s mobile afternoon tea company Mrs Dellows Delights! She was kind enough to share with us her top tips for the perfect afternoon tea.

Firstly I’d like to give you a bit of background as to how I came to the business. Afternoon tea can take many forms from tiny bite-size treats and dainty sandwiches to prosecco or champagne afternoon teas. I believe all have their place.

My own inspiration came from a visit to my grandmas or great aunt’s love for Sunday tea. Best china and tablecloths out in the dining room but the food made it. Large slabs of homemade cake, huge scones with butter you could sink your teeth into. Hence the inspiration for my business.

Here are the five things that can make or break afternoon tea.

5Quality Tea

A choice of good quality loose leaf teas served in a beautiful china teapot and filter coffee served in a cafetiere. Sugar lumps with tongs, not granulated sugar. Teabags and instant coffee have no place in afternoon tea.

4Vintage China

Vintage china cups, saucers and plates, not necessarily matching set on a quality linen tablecloth with an assortment of cake stands. No afternoon tea should be served on plastic or paper tablecloths or tableware.

3Always Butter

Butter not margarine for the scones and definitely not the pre-packed sachets of butter. Good quality home baking needs to be complemented by the right accompaniments.

2Homemade Makes The Day

Everything should be homemade from the best ingredients from the sandwich fillings to the cakes, scones and traybakes. Large slabs of cake, fresh scones with sugar frosting on top but a gloriously soft fluffy centre or cheese scones topped with a sprinkle of melted cheese and a strong robust cheesy flavour when you taste them.

Anything shop-bought should never appear on an afternoon tea. People don’t want to eat something they can buy themselves from a supermarket.

1Presentation is Key

Afternoon tea should be a feast for the senses. As much care needs to be taken with set up and presentation of the tea as goes into the preparation of the food. Lovely cake stands, a vase of flowers on the table.

I want my customers to enjoy the sight, smell and ultimately the tastes of their afternoon tea and to induce a feeling of nostalgia and take them back to a simpler time. This is my opinion on what makes or breaks afternoon tea inline with the ethos of my business.

To learn more about Mrs Dellows Delights head over to http://www.mrsdellow.com/


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